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CommonSense Computer Consulting Inc. is a service oriented company dedicated to providing personally tailored solutions that best fit your needs. Some of our many services are selling computers, setting up and configuring networks, troubleshooting, internet connectivity, etc. If you have any questions or require any of our services, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to continuing to provide you with consulting services in the future.

Computer Hardware Installations & Support

Networking and user support is our main business. However, it is much easier to make a network stable and people productive if you have quality hardware installed properly. CommonSense can provide you with any piece of hardware to meet your needs. We carry all major brands of quality equipment; from 3Com routers to Toshiba notebooks, if your company can make use of a piece of computer hardware we can supply and install it. We also offer leasing options to prevent you from tying up your company's cash flow in computer equipment.

Software Installations & Support

If you are looking at a problem that needs a new piece of software to solve we can offer you our advice on which package suits your particular need. We can help you choose which product is right for your situation as well as installing and getting you up and running with your solution.

Dedicated Blocks of Support Time

CommonSense believes that being proactive instead of reactive with your computers is the best thing you can do to prevent loss and frustration due to computer down time. We have a program built around this philosophy call Timeblocks. At a regularly scheduled time (usually a few hours every second week) your CommonSense contact attends to your network. This plan allows for someone to actively service and plan for your networking and computer needs that is familiar with your particular business and computer systems. By offering this service we can address problems before they become critical and plan your computer strategy intelligently for your future needs.

Networking Solutions

CommonSense has extensive experience in setting up networks to ensure low downtime, high performance, and high level of security. Setting up a server at your business is one of the best ways to improve productivity by maximizing data sharing, lowering administration costs and ensuring that your data is safe and backed up.

Custom Software Analysis

It is becoming more common for companies to establish that their current software is not completing enough of the tasks at hand OR that enough people in the company are using the current software due to its complexities OR don't even have software and are currently still using manual procedures. In today's world it is harder to find a commercial software package available that will handle your specific needs. To have us come in and complete an analysis of your procedures that you feel need to be in place or upgraded could save the company many hours of work. We can even help you determine if your current software needs to be replaced or just upgraded.

Custom Database Development

If a company has chosen to go with a custom database application for their software solutions, the company then needs to establish what database tool they would like the company to use. The more common choices for the windows environment include Microsoft Access and Paradox. If your company is still in the DOS environment, there are database solutions available depending on the situation.

Before a custom database application can be started, it is important that analysis be completed to help the company and the developer determine all the software requirements. All custom database development is completed using Active Prototyping procedures, which means that the company will see and use the application from the first moment that there is a menu and screen for the users to use. As the development continues, upgrades to the Active Prototype allow the company to make changes and requests to the final resulting application.

Internet Access Solutions

Internet access a necessity to almost any business today. Just having an extra point of contact such as a web page or an email address will make you that much more accessible by your clientele. CommonSense offers internet connectivity services ranging from installing a simple router/firewall to keep unwanted intruders on the outside and your data safe on the inside to securely connecting multiple offices together to allow all users everywhere in the company access to the same information.

If you know which team member you want to reach you can contact us either by telephone or email. Phone us at (403) 214-7584. This number forwards through to our mobile phones to provide you with timely service.


Bryce Hansen

(403) 214-7584 extension 1

Bryce has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems from DeVry Institute of Technology and is co-owner. Since receiving his degree he has gained over two decades of experience in Windows environments. His exprience also includes networking, both within single-site offices and inter-connecting multiple offices in different provinces on various equipment from SonicWALL, Netgear, hp and other manufacturers.

Shawna Hansen

Shawna received her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems from DeVry Institute of Technology and is co-owner. She has been a custom software analyst and developer since 1992 and started consulting in 1993. She handles the custom software analysis, design and development for small to mid-size companies mostly in Microsoft Access with a strong use of SQL for best performance, but is also fluent in other database systems such as Foxpro, Paradox, etc. Since graduation, she has continued additional training in the technology industry from University of Calgary and privatized facilities. She completes analysis for each project and will either do the development and implementation of the custom software herself or manage subcontracting developers until the completion of the project.